a developer
in 4 months

Online Masterclass of WEB application programming
combining the best backend and frontend techniques.
You will be able to create your application using
frameworks such as Vue, React and Nestjs.

16 weeks of study

Within 16 weeks you will become a Junior WEB Developer and start looking for a new

Beginner level

Although you will learn top techniques in the course, it is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

100 seats

The number of places is limited (or: limited) to ensure good communication for course participants.

Techniques from
Silicon Valley

This Masterclass will teach you 27 carefully selected techniques used
by the top 1% of web developers at top companies.

Convenient teaching

Each week begins with new video lessons being made available to students on Monday and ends with students turning in a "Weekly Challenge". Watch lessons in your spare time and use what you learn to prepare your weekly assignment.

3x faster progress
thanks to feedback

Model Devforgery is the only online course in Poland where you get an answer to every task sent. Every week you will receive video feedback from the teacher and you will find out where you make mistakes and how you can plan your educational path more effectively.

Benefits of being a web

IT companies rule the world. Being a programmer will allow you to do
interesting projects and earn like specialists from the Silicon Valley.

remote work

Want to work from home? Or maybe
become a Digital Nomad and travel
around Asia? As a developer, you can
make all your travel dreams come

Over PLN 8,500 as a Junior

According to the JustJoinIT report, young designers in Poland earn over PLN 8,500. Start a new job and earn European money.

A highly sought-after profession

According to a report by Linkedin , programmers are among the 15 most sought-after professions of today.

Option for entrepreneurs

Option for entrepreneurs Programmers can automate most business processes. What more do you need to start a start-up?

Endless development

If you are a person who likes to learn new things, this profession is for you. Technologies are constantly evolving, so it's not boring πŸ˜‰

You make the world better

Thanks to programming, you can not only earn money, but also take care of your piece of the world by helping foundations or local initiatives.

Your Complete

It doesn't matter if you want to organize your knowledge or you are just
starting your adventure with programming. In this course, you will learn
everything you need to join the top 1% of programmers.


Performance is marked in purple on the course. They are a collection of tools to help you organize your thoughts and create fast and optimal programs.

Clean code

Clean code techniques are marked in yellow in the course. You will learn 9 of them, thanks to which you will learn to write clear and transparent code

Best practices

The application of good practices is extremely important to keep the codebase fit for maintenance and subsequent modification.

Devforgery vs other courses

Masterclass Devforgery was created at the request of young programmers,
who repeatedly said that there is no one good source on the market to
learn programming*.

Now you don't have to waste your time searching the internet or
learning outdated techniques. You can join one course that has
everything you need.

* Study conducted on a sample of 3,000 young programmers.

Masterclass Devforgery

4 months
Silicon Valley techniques
Feedback for every task

Other courses

4 months

Silicon Valley techniques
Feedback for every task

The best teaching

Weekly cycles

A separate dose of knowledge every Monday

The course material is divided into 16 parts. Each of them is made available once a week. By distributing the material, you will
develop a regularity in learning and thus avoid being overwhelmed
by a large amount of material.


Watch lessons at your convenience

Every Monday you'll get access to new videos that you can watch
at a time that's convenient for you. This element is especially
appreciated by students with children who have free time only
late in the evening.

Weekly Challenge

Practice the acquired skills right away

The only effective way to learn is by practice. Therefore, Devforgery is based on the assumption: 80% practice and 20% theory. Every Monday you will be given a task to complete with a deadline for
submission by Sunday. This is our incentive system.

Feedback for every task

Grow faster by noticing your mistakes

For each Weekly Challenge completed on time, you will receive video feedback from your teacher. From the recording you will learn what you are doing well and what needs improvement. This model of acquiring knowledge and skills makes you learn up to three times faster than on a regular course.

Discord community

Meet students from your city

The thing that really sets Devforgery apart is the living community. We organize meetups, going out for a beer, or just discussing interesting news on the chat. Join the community and meet other young designers from your city.

1:1 teaching in the PRO package

Make progress even faster

For people who care about making even faster progress, it is possible to extend Feedback with personal teaching. In this mode, you have access to a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with a Silicon Valley expert every week.

Build the app
yourself after 4

The curricula of studies contain issues whose knowledge in professional practice turns out to be useless.

Don't waste time, quickly learn techniques that are really used and start looking for your first job after 16 weeks of

Course content

Learn the techniques that developers in Silicon Valley use. For each
week you will also receive a Case Study of one of the large
applications operating on the market.

Teachers straight from
Silicon Valley

Who is this course for?

Although the training covers top techniques, the material has been prepared for beginners.

Starting WEB programming

Changing professions

UI designers and graphic designers

5 works for the portfolio

The tasks you will complete during the Masterclass are from real
projects. Show us how you solve these challenges.

Students rate Devforgery as the
best programming course in Poland

Certificate M-9111

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate confirming your
qualifications. Such a document will help you build a solid CV and find
a new job. Only people who have submitted at least 10 projects within
12 weeks receive the certificate, which is an additional motivation to

Start the new year with a
new profession in hand.

Each recruitment includes only 100 people. Take your seat before it's
too late.





* 1 up payment

If payment consists of 4 monthly installments the price is EUR 240/month.

βœ… Registration for Edition 2 is open.

πŸ—“οΈ August 31 - June 31





* 1 up payment

If payment consists of 4 monthly installments the price is EUR 310/month.

βœ… Registration for Edition 2 is open.

πŸ—“οΈ August 31 - June 31





* 1 up payment

If payment consists of 4 monthly installments the price is EUR 620/month.

βœ… Registration for Edition 2 is open.

πŸ—“οΈ August 31 - June 31

Devforgery Career Development

You will not be left unattended after the course. Our special system
will give you the opportunity to expand your portfolio and convenient
contact with teachers for 6 months after the final project.

Create a Portfolio of
Real Projects


Each graduate gets access to our proprietary
application Devforgery Match, which connects young
programmers and young designers on joint projects.

Thanks to this, you can gain experience working with a
team and build a portfolio of real projects, not pretty
graphics on Behance.

Get ready to talk

Our teachers will tell you how to prepare for a job
interview. Thanks to their advice, you will learn how to
skilfully negotiate a better rate and not give in to the
stress of recruitment.

Support 6 months after the end of the course

Regardless of whether you are pursuing work-related
or hobby projects after the course, you can count on
the support of Devforgery teachers on Discord for at least 6

Devforgery teachers are practitioners in the IT industry, they know what the trends are and what is changing in the industry. Thanks to this, they win prizes and are able to help you in the best possible way.

Your CV after completing
the course



During the course you will learn the most important tools of a digital product development: from design to data analysis.



Thanks to the weekly Weekly
Challenge, you will create a portfolio
with your first works.



We focus on tools that will be really
useful to you at work, we do not waste
time on unnecessary knowledge.
Here you will learn techniques that are
used by, among others, Airbnb and

2023 is a year of change.

Instead of relying on New Year's resolutions, sign up for the Webdev
Masterclass and make this year a year to remember.

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